Where do they come from?

Have you ever studied the wide assortment of pretty cut flowers in a florist?  Even when the outside temperature is below freezing the local florist can be a haven of springtime.

Not long ago most of the flowers sold in the US were grown in California, Florida, Colorado and Pennsylvania. Foliage came from the Northwest and most of our supplies were product of US manufacturers.

Today foreign growers account for almost 90% of the flowers sold in some segments of the flower market. Columbia and Ecuador are responsible for the majority of the roses, carnations and alstroemeria we see in the marketplace today. Holland is still the largest importer of specialty cut flowers and spring bulbs. South Africa, Thailand and the Philipines make up the segment of growers that provide us with our gorgeous orchids and tropical flowers. Israel is a provider of foliage in the form of Ruscus.

A surprising newcomer in the flower marketplace is our neighbor to the North. Canadian flower product has become a staple in most flower shops. Their snapdragon and spray roses are among some of the highest quality available on today’s market.

So next time you look at a pretty bloom, think of the many, many miles it has traveled to brighten your day!





About herndonflorist

I have been the owner of Herndon Florist for 36 years. I have studied floral design in both the United States and Holland. We are a full service Florist located in Northern Virginia
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