Flowers and the Science of Sunshine!

I wanted to pass along something I have known for years. Flowers make us happier. But don’t just take my word for it, there is some science behind this…

    When I began my career in the floral industry,  like many soon to be designers, I started off as the delivery girl. The thing I loved most about my job was the great big smile I got when I delivered flowers. People were so happy to see me, and always thanked me profusely, even though I was not the one who had sent them the flowers in the first place. I even had one recipient of a gorgeous bouquet invite me back for Thanksgiving dinner the next day! I got to see first hand the positive impact flowers can make!

Enjoy the article below by Corrie Pikul for a great, scientifically proven tip on starting the day off right!

Here’s how to get a sunnier start to your day.

By Corrie Pikul

Photo: Thinkstock

Have a little tulip with your coffee.

Why it works: Evolutionary psychologists believe that we see flowers and plants as a subconscious cue of safety (“Things can grow here-let’s set down roots”), reward (“All that foraging paid off”) and promise (“These buds mean that fruit is on the way”). So the sight of a colorful bouquet in the morning, they theorize, can convince you that everything’s coming up roses today.

Strange, true thing that might convince you: In a study led by Harvard Medical School psychologist Nancy Etcoff, PhD, women who saw flowers when they woke up reported feeling happier (and less anxious) at home, as well as more energetic at work.


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I have been the owner of Herndon Florist for 36 years. I have studied floral design in both the United States and Holland. We are a full service Florist located in Northern Virginia
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